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Brittany Gladu

interior decorator

Brittany Gladu

Winnipeg, MB

"If you can dream it, you can do it"

My name is Brittany Gladu. I am an interior designer. I love to create beautiful spaces that bring people to life. My goal as a designer is to create a space that my clients will love as well as do my part by helping the environment. Using old furniture and repainting it, or reupholstering existing chairs are a few of the ways creating a beautiful space will help my clients budget and the environment. I will also use my knowledge in Fashion and Design to create new one of a kind bedding and window treatments. I am always looking for a new and different way of doing my job, making my client happy and making their wallets even happier.

I graduated in 2007 with a diploma in Fashion and Technology. The four year program provided me with award winning knowledge in garment construction, pattern making, textile theory, modeling, and the elements of design.

Following my graduation I continued my studies at the University of Manitoba completing courses in Psychology, Statistical Analysis, Nutrition, Foods, Family Studies, Women Studies, Economics and Textile Sciences.

After two years at the University of Manitoba I enrolled into the faculty of Human Ecology - Textile Studies. Half way through the courses I realized that Textile Sciences was not the right career path for me.

I enrolled in Quality of Course Design School in 2010. I really love the material that I am studying and hope to create a very fulfilling career out of the new knowledge I have obtained.


I will be there for you every step of the way.

Picking out the perfect colour for a room is difficult. Allow me to use my knowledge in Colour Theory to help you choose the best colour for the mood you are trying to create in your room.

Choosing the right fabric for the right job can be confusing. I can help you pick the right kind of fabric for the properties it possesses. Another tricky situation you may come across is finding fabrics that "go together". With my expertise in design, I know together we will have no trouble finding harmonious fabric choices.

If you're on a budget then I can definitely help. Finding the same elements of design in a less expensive accessory is my speciality.

If you are finding your room is looking too cluttered ask me to help you with organization. Utilizing your space properly is the little trick that allows you to create and keep your space beautiful.

Furniture placement means everything when creating a room you'll love. By drawing a room layout for your space, I can show you the different furniture placements that will work and the placements that won't.