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Catherine Thom

color consultant , home stager , professional organizer

Catherine Thom

Smiths Falls, ON

The power of change.

As a recent graduate of QC Design School, they have been kind enough to offer me a personal website.

Thank you for taking the time to visit! Be sure to check back often for new updates.

I have been organizing, staging, picking colours and painting most of my adult life. I have helped many of my friends and family over the years. Until recently, I thought that these skills were attributed to my being the oldest in my family or because of my charismatic Type A personality. These skills are a gift and I have the pleasure of watching how a small change can make a big impact on peoples' lives while sharing in their personal experience.

We are creatures of habit and say that we don’t like change, yet sometimes, change is exactly what we need in order to move forward. Give me a call or send me an email to set up an appointment. I would like the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your needs/priorities and help you embrace the Power of Change.

Along with my recent credentials, I have a Business Administration (Finance) diploma and hold a Certified Payroll Manager designation.

(If you are in the Smiths Falls area June 6th, 2010, look for us as our home will be part of the Open Doors Ontario tour).


I hope that you find answers to some of your questions regarding the variety of services available to you. Have a look around the site and if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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Colour Consulting..............

Do you have a hard time picking colours?
Did the one that looked good in the store look just plain awful on the wall?
Not sure where to start?
Choosing the perfect colour depends on a number of variables;
• What is the main purpose of the room (bedroom, family room)
• What time of day will it be used the most
• What kind of mood would you like to create (calming, cheerful)
Answers to these and a few more questions will eventually lead to choosing the right colour with the assistance of a Professional Colour Consultant.


My personal definition of staging is “the lack of clutter”. This concept is of the utmost importance if you are considering selling your home. Home buyers have a big wish list – one item close to the top is “storage”. Folks will look in your closets/cupboards/garage and if they are jammed with stuff – they will appear too small. The buyer moves on and you have lost the sale.
“Staged homes sell faster” with the assistance of a Professional Home Stager


About those closets?????
Chances are that there is stuff in there that you don’t need or didn't remember that you had. Yet, why do we have such a hard time letting go of things (that is a different profession)? I recently worked with a client who told me “I had a friend offer to help me organize but I told him that I wanted a stranger – someone who was unbiased and honest”.
Families, empty nesters, young adults or those considering downsizing/moving all could use the assistance of a Professional Organizer.


Does that wallpaper just have to go?
Now that you have picked your paint colour – who will do the work?
My clients have received similar responses when they tried to hire a contractor;
• The job is too small
• Not worth the time and effort
• Can’t fit you in for 6 months (yes, sometimes a good contractor will be booked long in advance)

No job is too small and your time is valuable.


Like you, each project is unique. I charge by the hour with one rate for consulting (1 hour minimum)and one rate for labour. If you choose more than one service, discount rates will be applied.


.......I live in an old farmhouse which desperately needed redecorating, top to bottom, including stripping layers of old wallpaper, painting and some minor interior repair work. I met with Catherine and together we developed a vision, room by room. Her advice on colour, lighting and furniture placement was invaluable. She worked diligently, kept a very well organized and tidy workspace and truly treated my home like her own...... KR, Smiths Falls

We had planned to re-do our living space in the basement, creating a "man-cave" for my hubby. Catherine offered to come and assist with the painting...I politely refused (being a good friend)...she insisted. I thought that would be nice, but what I didn't know is that it would be "Amazing". She did a fantastic job. Her skills were impeccable, sense for colour, neat and tidy and showing dedication. I felt she treated this project as she would her own project at home. I was in for a treat, not only did she help with the painting as she offered, but above and beyond, suggesting extra's that made the world of difference. I was so pleased, that when my daughter moved out, I called her immediately for the room make-over. My teenage daughter had black magic marker all over her door and numerous holes in the walls. I felt confident that she would be up for the challenge. The outcome was fabulous. I would be happy to recommend her for any home make-over. MO, Appleton

After a bunch of plaster fell off a ceiling in my century-old house, I knew it needed much more than a coat of paint, but I did not know where to start. It seemed like an impossible task, as had no idea how to proceed with the repairs and to keep its vintage looks, while refreshing its appearance. Doing the renovation was only a part of the project. Thanks to Cathy's choice of colours, decoration, furniture, lighting and even linens, as well as her invaluable help organizing, this old house now feels like a home. MM, Smiths Falls