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Michelle Waker

interior decorator

Michelle Waker

Landenberg, PA

We do decorating right!

I am a stylish, friendly, professional person, and take pride in the details and quality of my work. I have an appreciation for beauty and I'm very creative.

I have a strong sense for the best placement for things within a particular space. I have a strong aesthetic sense and been told numerous times that I have a "Good Eye".

I'm a happily married mother of two girls, Ally and Sophie. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Masters in Elementary Education. Through my career I've always had a strong sense of how to create beautiful designs and love to decorate. I take pride in having strong organizational skills and possess effective communication skills.


I am an Interior Decorator, Home Stager and Professional Organizer. I offer Interior Decorating and will create a beautiful end product from your design project.

When working with a client I offer telephone and in-person client consultations on general decorating wants and needs. I will develop a decorating plan, prepare a floor plan and a design board for the decorating project.