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Amber Sanchez

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Amber Sanchez

Mt. Prospect, IL

Organized Solutions LLC: Simplify & Save with Style

Do you have a space that’s out of control? Don’t worry; peace of mind is one phone call away. I love creating organized solutions for every budget! I’ll work with you to identify your needs and wants to simplify your space, then make it a reality. Once your space has had a makeover, you will be amazed at the time, energy, and money you can save from having an organized space.

I love Jesus and am very blessed He has enabled me to pursue my passion of creating beautiful, organized spaces. My husband and I live in Mt. Prospect, IL, and we enjoy giving back to our community, outdoor recreation, and hanging out with friends.

While I was raised in Minnesota, South Dakota was where I received my degree in Business Management. Out of college I was recruited to work for The Hershey Company as a Retail Sales Representative, it was here I truly discovered my passion for organization.

For those of you that have never seen the backroom of a Mass Merchandiser or Chain Grocery Store, count yourself blessed. I constantly found myself inspired to create organized spaces in those backrooms, unfortunately that is not what my sales job entailed. There were two stores out of 21 that were well organized. I loved those stores and they functioned like a well-oiled machine! After four years of witnessing how being organized can positively impact time management, physical/mental energy, and net sales, I was inspired to get an Advanced International Organizing Professional Certification from QC Design School and bring my company to life - Organized Solutions LLC! I respect the process of becoming organized and would love to share that journey with you.


There are four areas of organization I specialize in: Home, Business, Yard Sale, and Moving Organization. While the organization of each area will be different to make the space functional and beautiful, the KEY steps to creating that space are the same.

Home Organization – Imagine walking into your home knowing what you have and where it is. Everything has a place where it belongs, even if that place hasn’t been created yet. Room by room, I will help you take back your space and re-claim your home oasis.

Living/Family Room
Craft/Game/Play Room
Home Office
Patio/Outdoor Space
Garage/Storage Shed

Business Organization – Want to organize your business to make and save more money? Together we will look at what structure is in place that works and what organization needs to be put in place to create a customized solution for your growing business.

Yard Sale Organization – There’s little I enjoy more than an organized yard sale. Whether you need help downsizing, pricing, setting up, or selling, I will be there with you every step of the way.

Moving Out/In Organization – If the sheer thought of moving works you into a tizzy, not to worry, I’ll be there in a hurry. During the course of my life I have moved 20 times. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, I will help your move be stress-free.

Please contact me for project specific pricing -

Your Initial One Hour Consultation:
Includes: A customized organization plan, itemized list of supplies needed, space planning, estimated budget and before pictures.

Hourly Rate:
Includes: Organizing, downsizing, space planning, and shopping.

**An important part of my business is making organization affordable for EVERY budget. Let me know up front what your budget is an I will work within your budget to give you an organized solution for your space.

*It is important to give back to the community, so 15% of my net sales at the end of each year will be given to the Salvation Army of Des Plaines, IL.

*Upon request, I will also sell your lucrative unwanted items from downsizing on Craigslist and/or EBay, depending on the item and shipping.


Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm
Saturday: 7am-12pm
*Additional hours are available based on project or personal needs.


I can’t believe the difference in my space!! I couldn’t even walk in my back room, didn’t know where things were, or even know what was back there!! I now have a large open space in the middle of the room, and everything has a place. It didn’t even take that long to do it. Amber provided the needed guidance and motivation to get the job done quickly and efficiently! A burden was lifted off of my shoulders with the completion of that job, and I am much more relaxed and happy when I walk into that space!! Thank You Thank You! -Amy


My space had to sere 3 different purposes. Before Amber came, these spaces were not defined, By the time Amber had completed the project, we had decluttered, organized, and had 3 defined spaces. She was creative, friendly, professional, and posititve making it fun and easy to work with her and get a large project complete in a small amount of time. Thank Amber, we look forward to working with you again soon!

Lauren and Chris