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Tara Hood

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Tara Hood

San Jose, CA

Serenity Now Professional Organizers

"We bring peace & tranquility back into your life."

Serenity Now Professional Organizers are here to help you!

We provide customized professional organizing services for individuals, families and businesses. From de-cluttering your closets, space planning your office, purging your files or organizing your garage, our expert organizers are available to help you reach your clutter-free goals.

We’ll teach you organizing strategies that will help you reduce and eliminate clutter and bring peace & tranquility back into your life. If you are tired of the clutter and chaos in your life and want to experience Serenity Now, give us a call.


Serenity Now Professional Organizers helps individuals and businesses take control of their surroundings by clearing clutter and developing customized organizing systems.

Our services include:

* Residential Organizing
* SOHO Organizing
* Business Organizing
* Virtual Organizing
* Business Development
* Organizing Workshops

We help our clients reduce stress, save money, and free up time by improving their quality of life by de-cluttering, streamlining and organizing their environments.

For those that love DIY projects, we provide organizing workshops to help the everyday person learn skills to maintain a more organized lifestyle.

We also offer the opportunity to work with a Virtual Organizing Coach (by phone, email and/or webcam) to help guide you through your DIY organizing projects.