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Clarence McCray

home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Clarence McCray

Albany, NY


Hello…My name is Clarence McCray, owner of Likeable Designs. I have been offering design services for small commercial and residential clients who may be looking for some type of change in their current or even future living/working arrangements.

I would classify my design style as contemporary/modern and consider myself to be a minimalist. My approach to all current/perspective clients, is to create a space that incorporates their daily functional/desirable needs in a space that’s visually pleasing and helping them prepare for the next important phases in their life.

I am a young designer with Likeable ideas for those looking to redesign their existing spaces for either resale value or just want to improve their living conditions to fit the growing needs of today’s busy and trendy lifestyles.

I currently hold a 2 year degree in Architecture and a 4 year degree in Interior Design. I have been designing and improving the living/working spaces for individuals for more than 5 years and enjoy the satisfaction of helping residents gain an additional 10+ years of enjoyment from their spaces.

I have worked for design firms such as The Thomas Group, Dormitory Authority State of NY (DASNY) and NYS Office of General Services (OGS) providing great design services to a wide range of individuals. In 2005, shortly after completing my degree in Architecture I began providing design services for private residents who were interested in either redesigning their existing space or relocating all together. My design experience in the following areas consist of:

Commercial Spaces
•Large office spaces ranging from 500 SQFT to 300,000 SQFT This includes private offices and open floor plans
•Private dental offices – Reception areas, laboratories, and X-Ray developing centers
•Small business start up spaces from expanded garage’s to full expansions on existing structures

Residential Spaces
•Bathrooms, kitchens, Living/dining rooms and full curb appeal
•Home offices, private bedrooms, entertainment rooms and enclosed porches


The services I currently offer are
•Interior Design
•Home Staging
•Professional Organization
•Color Consultant
•Landscape Designer

With a wide verity of services, Likeable Designs can help you improve your space and save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process.

Please contact me for consultation/design fees…..


About a year ½ ago, I received an offer that was truly irresistible. To go from paying $900 a month in mortgage payments to $0 a month in rent for the rest of my life!!!!. The only down fall to this amazing offer, was, I had to sell my home of 25 years and all the memories that went along with it. Now at the young age of 56!! this became the hardest decision of my life. To relocate from where I raised my 2 beautiful boys from babies to full grown men to a new place to live and have to start all over was a decision I ran from for months….When I finally!!..made the decision to relocate, I knew I had to redesign my current home if I wanted to market the property to as many buyers as possible… Likeabledesigns was so helpful and understanding from the 1st phone call to 3months after moving into my new place…(it will take awhile to call it home). They knew the right areas to focus on the most, were very creative with the budget I was under and helped make the transition from a staging home to a live in home very easy. My house was on the market for 6months (I personally figured 8-12) and sold for $8,595 above the asking price. The changes made to the Bathrooms and the bedrooms were so amazing, I hired Likeabledesigns again to redesign some spaces in my new place….8months later…I’m moved in and I’m starting to feel right at home….


Being a single parent of two I didn’t always have time to enjoy the little things in life, the things worth working for… Most of my time was spent working or at home cleaning and taking care of my two little boys. I was in the need for a place to relax and enjoy some quality time with my kids while at home. I would always take my kids to the park (when I could fine time) instead of utilizing my backyard because I was so afraid of the changes in ground levels and an old fence I thought would fall if you blew on it . So I gave my wish list to Likeable Designs and told them to have fun…..the result was amazing… They turned this ugly “lot” into a beautiful adult and kid friendly hangout spot…The ground was leveled, green grass replaced the weeds that overgrew the fence and there was more space than I thought there was. Not only can I come out side and enjoy endless time with my kids, but I can entertain a few guest as well, with a nice size patio for relaxing and BBQ’s….I would have to say, my most favorite part of all is the two medium sized flower beds I have. It really brings back memories of when I would garden with my mom before she past…. Not only did Likeable Designs design and deliver a beautiful backyard, they also used the remaining balance from my budget to dress up my front veranda. (enclosed front porch) The subfloor was replaced and new carpet was added and beautiful wainscoting was added to the walls for a real classy look. The beautiful refinished hardwood floors give me a place to relax in the evening while drinking lemonade with my boys. Everything is now organized and easy to access and I now have more time with my boys..which is what my goals were from the start…..Thank you LD