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Adrienne Potter

color consultant , interior redesigner , landscape designer

Adrienne Potter

Olds, AB

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, re-design with that philosophy in mind.

Your home should reflect you, your lifestyle, and your choices. Your home is your sanctuary, your shelter from the storm. Whether you are the type who likes to entertain, or just the type who devotes all their time to family, or maybe you just like to curl up with a book. Sometimes putting it all together can be an overwhelming experience. Let me help you with your ideas.
I have had an interest in design since I was a young girl. Changing furniture in my bedroom constantly must have driven my mother crazy.

I spent twenty plus years in administration, and after a long but fulfilling career, I have decided that it was time to do something I really wanted to do.
My love of the outdoors has always been a strong hold for me. I love it so much that I try to bring it inside whenever possible. Integrating it into the design in my own home. That’s me, that’s who I am. That brings me to one question.
Who are you? What do you like? Maybe you’re a minimalist, maybe you’re into country or French country, and maybe you’re eclectic. Whatever your style is, your designer should be listening to you. Maybe all you need is a little help with color choices or rearrangement of furniture and some artwork.
The reason I chose redesign is because of the fact that we use what you already have. It is a cost cutting economical choice.
I chose the name Changes Design, because just like the trees in fall, sometimes the most subtleness of changes, can have the greatest impact. Life is constantly changing and so is the world around us. Let your home make the statement and tell the story of who you are.


Interior Redesign
Landscape Design/Outdoor Rooms
Garages-For the Men in Your Life.
Color Consultant