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Irene Mckay

home stager

Irene Mckay

Chestermere, AB

Selling your home shouldn't be that hard, with my creativity and commitment, we can create a beautiful impression no one can resist.

My name is Irene Mckay, a mom, wife, designer, and a nurse. Designing has been my passion since I was in elementary. I took the Home Staging course to further hone my creative skills. My creative imagination, passion and commitment is what I'm going to bring into this business. Helping you to sell your home to maximize its potential and minimize the selling time.

I grew up in the Philippines and graduated college majoring in Psychology and practiced for 5 years before I came to Canada. I went to take Licensed Practical Nurse and been working in Community nursing. Now as a Home Stager I will be able to transfer some of my organizational and creative into practice.


Occupied home: Will use and edit your existing furnishings to their advantage and style, then will incorporate additional accessories to further enhance the look of the room or house.
Vacant home: An empty house seemed to be unattractive to buyers. With proper furnishings and design, we can bring a vacant space to life.
Consultation: Offering you recommendations in space clearing or de-cluttering, furniture placement based on the architectural design of the house to curb appeal.