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Kelly Bush

home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Kelly Bush

Miamisburg, OH

My name is Kelly Bush. I graduated in 1999 from Sinclair Community College with an associates degree in Applied Science. My focus in school was interior design and architecture. I have also received a diploma as a professional organizer from QC Design School. I worked for two local interior design companies, and a developer before leaving the workforce to become a stay at home mom.

My two oldest boys are diagnosed with autism. I have spent the last 8 years using my knowledge to create an environment that they would thrive in. This includes schedules for school, home, therapy, and medical treatments, and most important an organized home! I also have experience with other individuals with special needs, and enjoy helping their families make better use of their time and space. A clutter free home and an organized schedule creates optimal function.
Everyone can use my services, and I am eager to share my skills and talents with you.
Please contact me for a consultation today.


My goal is to fit the needs of the client based on how much work and financial resources they want to invest into improving their home/business.

There are several ways to use my services:

Consulting - providing a list of ideas and recommendations (goals) to help the client get started with improving their current situation. ~

Assistance - working hand and hand with the client providing hands on help in organizing, design, and execution of a plan.


I had 35 years of accumulated possessions that had no reason to be in my house! Kelly came to my rescue. She could see for herself my needs and she started very slow with me. Closet by closet, bedroom by bedroom and into the kitchen she guided me. We decided what I needed, what I wanted to keep, what I should throw in to the trash or give away, or sell. With her organizational skills, my house felt less cluttered and finding things are easier! Thanks!


I'm enjoying my office, it's the same feeling you get after detailing your car..It feels brand new, but comfortably familiar at the same time.