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Lynn Milam

color consultant, green designer, home stager, interior redesigner, landscape designer, professional organizer

Bring a Ray of Light Home Stager into your home today. We are trained to declutter your home and get it ready for the market. So you can mo

'Ray of Light' Home Staging is here to help you.
Many of us don't know where to begin when selling our homes. 'Ray of Light' is here to help you with the challenge of reorganizing, de-cluttering and making your home attractive to a wide range of potential buyers.

Believe it or not, homes are still selling in this economy because interest rates are low, asking prices have gone down and people still like the idea of owning their own homes. It's a perfect time to buy, not a good time to sell. This is why you need a trained home stager from 'Ray of Light.

In 2009, I too found myself out of a job, and therefore lost my house. It was a very stressful time for me. I found myself frozen with indecision.

It's a scary and uncertain time for many of us and this is why I became a home stager. I've been there, I won't judge, and I will do my very best to help you 'MOVE OUT AND MOVE ON'.


These are the services I will provide for you.

Complete evaluation of the pros. and cons. of your interior and exterior as it pertains to potential buyers.

Recommendations of what needs to be done.

De-cluttering and De-personalizing.

Help with yard sales.

Re-decorating the interior of your home so potential buyers can see themselves living in your home.

I will work with your real estate agent during open houses, etc.

All this and more at competitive prices.