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Keren Robinson

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Keren Robinson

Chesapeake, VA

Worth Far More Than Diamonds
Beauty through the eyes of an Unveiled_Heart

The mission of MUBMUA is to maintain a rich and whole view of true beauty and encourage all women to use the tool of makeup to compliment their natural features.

Makeup by MUA is a sole proprietorship, seeking to fulfill makeup needs in an earnest, professional and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Keren Robinson, has applied makeup on various occasions for special events. She has been the “go-to-expert” for family and friends beauty questions. She has knowledge of color theory with a background in graphic design; an eye with which to admire various kinds of artistic expression and sees the venue of makeup as another opportunity for artistic expression.

"When my mother taught me how to put mascara on for the first time, I remember practicing for hours, attempting not to get the mascara on my skin or poke my eye with the wand. Even after all this time, what I learned is, you will always practice. Art is always and forever a changing experience. I felt really good at it and have received compliments when I go out on how good it looks. I decided it was time to help other women receive those compliments too."

Keren Robinson lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband, Benjamin and feline, Ebony. In her free time she enjoys coloring, drawing and expression through other artistic mediums, spending time at the local art museum, reading books and creative writing, practicing her clarinet and vocals and watching other makeup gurus with Makeup Tutorials on youtube.​​

I am a certified Master International Makeup Professional. I graduated from QC Makeup Academy in March, 2012. I provide services for weddings, proms, military homecoming, Quincieñeras, sweet 16, princess birthday parties, girls night, photo shoots, special occasions, costume and theatrical makeup; makeup workshops; one on one tutorials, as well as other events (or feel free to be creative and create an event!).
I give quality tips and applications. Please e-mail kerenrebeca@gmail.com to book your date. We will need to set up a time to meet so that we can come up with your personalized look for your special event.




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"Keren Robinson did an excellent job! Make-up kit was clean and tidy, she explained everything of what she was doing, and was very timely!"

Rachel Reedy - Military Homecoming

"My dear, it- was-WON-DER-FUL"

Deborah Freeman - Bride

"Keren Robinson is one of our incredible make-up artists who helped with the Tryst sessions in April." To see this snapshot please visit this link: http://ahiddenexposure.blogspot.com/2012/05/unveiled-hearts.html

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