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Laura Ford

home stager

Laura Ford

Culpeper, VA

My name is Laura Ford. I currently have a home cleaning business "Custom Care Cleaning". The reasoning for the name is because I "customize" the care and tasks as needed to be performed for each client. Not everyone needs the same assistance. I will be taking this same aproach with staging and redesign.

My current business came to be what it is by surprise. I helped someone with some house cleaning and organization to supplement my income. She was so happy with the work that she told her cousin. I started helping her and she told someone else. And so and so on. Within a few months I had so many possible clients that I left my minimum wage job and embarked on a new adventure. It didn't take long to develop a full roster of clients. I have been doing this for at least six years. The economy shift affected me as much as anyone else but I was still able to hang in there and I currently have a waiting list. I have a relatively full schedule working six days a week. I have assisted several of my clients with various projects around there homes. From removing old carpet and installing new flooring. To painting and furniture placement. De-cluttering and "beautifying". That is what lead me to QCDesign School. I wanted to learn as much as I could about this field. Although I seem to have quite a knack for this, I wanted to fine tune my skills.


I am able to provide a wide range of services. From basic home cleaning and de-cluttering to assisting in room make-overs to curb appeal.