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Testimonials for Lynn Millard

April 2008 Dear Lynn, I can’t thank you enough for all the beautiful work you’ve completed in my home. Working with you to prepare for the sale of my house was a refreshing and rewarding experience. Your depth of knowledge and ability to negotiate with some difficult people in Miami helped me to complete some frustrating projects that had lingered for a long time. It was disappointing to me when I renovated my house to have paid many different men for inferior work. It was an absolute joy to finally find someone that understood how things are supposed to look and also had all the tools to complete the job. The fact that you were always on time and put in a long days work helped to eliminate possible frustrations was staggering. It is such a relief to look at the work you completed and fill a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Everything you worked on has a beautiful professional finished appearance. Everyone who comes to my home comments on how beautiful the work looks. I will contact you again soon for future projects. I am considering making my garage into a room with bath and I know that you will be able to guide me the whole way through the project.

Susan Garrish, Home Owner, Miami, FL

March 2007 "I just wanted to drop you a line and send along our heartfelt thanks for all your great help on Saturday. As always you were so pleasant and calming to Annette and I during these difficult times. You set up everything so nicely and with no guidance or input from us. Best of all was your great personality and smile was of great comfort to Annette and I. Please accept our sincere gratitude for all your help!!!! Let's do it again under better circumstances! Thanks again!"

Fred Baddour, CRB Geological & Environmental Services, Inc., Miami, FL

June 2007 Ms. Millard is unfailingly prompt, polite and cheerful. She not only accepts challenges, but also seeks them out. She is a keen observer and does not hesitate to recommend solutions to the problem of the moment. Her organizing skills are first-class, as are her computer skills. She is adept at problem-solving. Specific projects she has completed for me include file reorganization and maintenance, office systems and practices redefinition, organizing and maintaining financial records and bill-paying systems, overseeing construction, landscaping, developing schedules and information packets for trips, overseeing the on-going operation of my home during extended absences. She has been my right hand (and sometimes the left as well). She is compassionate, yet realistic at the same time. Through our association, I have come to regard her as part of the family, and my adult children hold her in the same regard.

Louise Valdes-Fauli, Home Owner, Coconut Grove, FL

July 2003 "While my father was sick and dying with cancer, Lynn was very helpful in dealing with the everyday needs of caring for a terminally ill patient. She knows what needs to be done and she gets right in there and does it. From cleaning and bathing, to bathroom needs, to nutrition and medication, Lynn knows what needs to be done and goes about it in a very professional and loving manner. She was of great assistance to us. I know she learned these skills from taking care of her own parents during their times of need. I can assure you Lynn is an excellent caregiver."

Stan K. Sanders, Portland, OR