Bonnie Fritzler

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Bonnie Fritzler
Lethbridge, AB

Refresh - Renew - Redo Organizational Solutions
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Welcome to Refresh-Renew-Redo Oranizational Solutions.

My name is Bonnie Fritzler and I established Refresh-Renew-Redo in the summer of 2010 to pursue my passion for organizing and to pass on clutter-free living skills to others needlessly living in chaos.

My Story
Saturdays growing up was spent panic cleaning with my mom and sisters. By noon, we’d all have lost steam, leaving the home in a half-done state. If company were to appear unannounced at any time (and in the country that happened all the time!) our entire family would panic with a two-minute stash and dash.

Fast forward ten years, my husband and I would work 5-6 days per week, sometimes renovating, but often with only our dog, home and selves to care for. On a day off, for example, I would sleep in until late morning and, although I was going to get all my cleaning done in one day, I would often have no housework started by mid afternoon. Then the surprise phone call would come from my husband at work, announcing company that evening. I would panic, blaming the surprise on my spouse, while quickly trying to put my house and self together.

During the first nine years of our marriage, I joined in to my husband’s family’s retail business. During this time, I was forced out of my comfort zone. Greeting complete strangers suddenly became normal for me. As well, I enjoyed product display, became efficient at administrative duties and soon understood much of business, customer and staff management.

Enter in children – three girls over the next seven years. With our first daughter, I was unable to manage my time, house, work and baby properly. Only with the assistance of was I able to begin some sort of routine with my second child. To be honest, our second daughter seemed like a piece of cake. And my home was clean to boot!

Fast forward to the end of my story, or you could say my beginning as a Professional Organizer. After our third daughter, my husband and I sold all portions of our retail business. What was I going to do? Who was I anyway? After 15 years in retail, I had to find out something about me that was independent of my work. Expressing my passion for organizing one afternoon, a friend of mine mentioned that real people organize for a living, and that I’d be perfect in the role as Professional Organizer. And that’s the rest of the story…

Looking back, I see a master design at work in my life and I was oblivious to the intricate details. But, I am so happy. I am doing what I love and I thoroughly enjoy helping others find the peace in their lives.

In the fall of 2010 I completed the QC course in Professional Organizing. The following winter, I introduced Laura Lynn Designs to my selection of services, a long-time Lethbridge business specializing in window blinds, shades and shutters. Currently AIOP certified (Advanced International Organizing Professional), I benefit clients with de-cluttering and organizing skills, space planning, staging and colour ideas, as well as window covering solutions.

Organizing, de-cluttering and space planning are a passion for me, not only in my own home, but also in my previous work offices and the homes of family and friends. Those who know me well know that a cup of coffee is always more fun when there's de-cluttering to be done!


Is your home not bringing you the retreat that home should bring?

Is there no room for your vehicle in the garage?

Is paperwork covering every square inch of your office?

Let us help!

Refresh Renew Redo works with you to eliminate the clutter, to create well-defined and functioning spaces, and to help you find the peace and routine in a space created for you. Services include assistance with downsizing, moving, creative space planning, unpacking and much more.

Reap the benefits of living organized:

more TIME - for the important people and priorities in your life, for yourself!
...less wasted time - looking for things, figuring out what to do next
more PEACE
...less visual and mental clutter, less frustration
more JOY
...less rush, rush, rush

Do you need a kick-start? Are you strapped for time between work, kids, extra-curricular activities, etc?
Do you need someone to pull alongside you to motivate and inspire you?
Or do you need a space re-designed? Paint colour suggestions? Home staging inspiration?
Don't give up! Refresh Renew Redo offers FOLLOW-UP services to assist you in maintaining the peaceful new space that has been created. You are not alone!

Your first consultation takes less than an hour of your time! Why wait any longer?!


Bonnie was extremely helpful and passionate with solutions for my home organization. She is creative and enthusiastic about creating spaces that are free of clutter and I love the freshness it has brought to my home.

Melanie (Calgary, Alberta)

I really enjoyed the time I spent with Bonnie in my home, organizing my front entry closet. This closet was crammed with all kinds of clutter - jackets, hats, shoes, umbrellas, etc. We not only got the closet organized but she was able to give me a better understanding of how to keep it that way. Bonnie made this experience fun too; what could have been a daunting task for me felt like just an afternoon coffee with a friend.

Lisa (Lethbridge, Alberta)