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Cynthia Gies

professional organizer

Cynthia Gies

Walkerton, ON

An organized home is inspiring and liberating.

It lifts your spirit, improves your relationships,

benefits y

I dislike looking for things, I want to be able to find items I am looking for immediatley, use them and put them back in an orderly fashion for the next time they are required.

Life, however, sometimes gets in the way of order. I know this first hand, five children, a job and...well you know the rest. But I know, from experience, that when things are orderly, time and money are saved and your "life" is organized

Less time spent looking for matching socks, more time doing the things you love. Less money spent replacing the remote control you can no longer find, more money to spend on things you desire.

With order comes calm, serene environments, efficient use of time and money and happier relationships. ORGANIZED NATION can help you organize your world one room at a time.


*de-cluttering of spaces
*space clearing and reclaiming
*removal service (fees applicable)
*organizing cleared areas
*home staging

Who hires a professional organizer?

Everyone and anyone. Seniors and empty nesters, stay at home mom's and professional men and women. Home sellers and new home buyers. Self proclaimed pack rats, environmentalists, procrastinators and those who have simple become overwhelmed by their clutter.

Why should you hire a Professional organizer?

Your clutter has become a hindrance to your life. Your well-being is being affected and the organizing process will assist in restoring order to your life.

How does the organizing process work?

Organizing is a three step process by which a person decides on a way to store items so they can be easily placed, found, retrieved, and maintained.

The first step, requires sorting through items to determine which are most needed, which can be thrown away (or recycled), and which can be given away.

The second step is deciding how the freed space can best be used, what storage items and sizes will be needed and how to label those containers. Decisions made are based upon personal priorities.

The third step involves putting in place a system in which the newly organized area can be attractively displayed and easily maintained.

Professional organizing often involves the development or introduction of customized or off-the-shelf organizing systems so the client can find needed items in a minimal amount of time. The organizer's primary skill is in helping the client decide what should be done with their items, educating the client on organizational techniques, developing strategies and installing systems so the client can maintain the organized space for the long-term.