Cat J. McDonnell

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Cat J. McDonnell
Lutz, FL

Taking what you already have and making it work or purchasing brand new, it is up to you! No budget is too small! Free Consultations always

Decorating your home can be a daunting experience. Sometimes all you need is a fresh "eye". I can offer that new approach to all your design needs. I have always believed that wherever the eye rests should be visually pleasing. Every room, corner and niche should offer a beautiful vignette. This is my design philosophy and the real "beauty" is, it is not difficult to accomplish with the right designer.

Although a new graduate of design school, I have been decorating and rearranging rooms all my life. First, in my own homes and later, for friends and neighbors. I lived in Paris, France for eight years and really came to admire that French appreciation for "all things beautiful" from clothes, to clothe, to architecture. I have come to admire their reverence for history. They use what they have, they preserve their old buildings. Clothes are expensive so they care for them and try to make them look new again. This has become the very essence of my design philosophy. Although, a brand new "everything" is wonderful, few can afford it. I like taking what people have and making it work for them.


I offer color consulting, interior design, redesign and home staging. I have resources in exterior green design and landscaping. I offer a full design team to meet any and all needs.


I just love my little sewing nook. Now, I have easy access to my sewing supplies and when I am done, I can stow it all away and showcase my beautiful Deco desk! Good job, Cat! Thank did it so fast, too!

Mrs. Deloris E. Morgan

Working with Cat was a pleasure! She intuitively, knew what to do and I love the end result. She stayed within my budget by "shopping" my home and alot of legwork, finding the perfect item. Everything that was done was discussed and approved by me. She was honest and fair. I would recommend her services!

Genie Hanke