Diana Mclean

home stager

Diana Mclean
Pickering, ON

Selling your house? Staging will put it at an advantage and help bring in maximum dollars on your most valuable investment.

Hello my name is Diana Mclean.

My job is staging and redesigning. I can help you
inprove your home so it will stand out in the market.

Potential buyers need to see themselves living in your house.

My approach is simple. I will come out, do an evaluation and go over the showing guidelines.

No staging task is too big or too small. We will work within your budget and perform whichever staging tasks interest you.

Selling a house can be stressful emotionally and financially. I can help with the process.

I'm a retired Senior Property Claims Advisor.

I've been in the service industry settling claims for the last 30 years, helping people in their hour of need. Its been gratifing and rewarding to know I could help make a difference.

I would now like to help in a different way, by offereing staging or redesigning services.

My husband is a successful realitor. He has often
asked me to step in and offer staging advise to his
clients. I've truly enjoyed it and it has prompted me to pursue this new avenue in my life.


My services are Staging and Redesigning. I work out of the Durham area. Cities such Pickering, Ajax, Witbey, and Oshawa.

How these services work. We provide a simple
consultation for you.

This would involve my coming over to your home. We
would review the interior and exterior with you. We
would then write up a report giving you advise on
what needs to be done to make your home attractive
to purchasers.

The overall idea of staging is to give your home a less personal feel so buyers can see themselves as the
new home owners .

Areas we address are, Curb Appeal.
This is a very important element of staging. Its the
first impression a house makes from the foundation to the roof top. Aside from the actual building, curb appeal relates to the frontyard, gardens, backyard and sideyard.

Our services will also outline any repairs that should be carried out in order to enhance the appeal
of your home.

Our Evaluation will address decluttering and Depersonalizing. Every room in your house has a function and every item within it has its rightfull place.
Buyers need to see each room for its potential.
Clutter makes a room appear much smaller then it is.

Our process encludes looking at creating resale redesigns to make the house look bigger.

We address the furniture layouts in each room.

We will look at making the house brighter by addressing paint colours and lighting.

We will enhance any architectural focal points in the
house or create one if one does not exsist.

We will evaluate accessories to ensure there is balance to the room.

Our services will also offer the rental of some furniture pieces and accessories if required.

Please contact me for a consultation.