Alice Adams

home stager , interior redesigner

Alice Adams
Green Valley, AZ

Taking Your House (h)ONE STEP ABOVE THE REST(/h)

Whether selling your home, especially with the economy the way it is, or you want your home to be 'ONE STEP ABOVE THE REST', something as simple as changing the color or placement of furniture can make a world of difference and I'm here to help you achieve the look that is needed and help you reach your goals. Achieving this goal does not have to cost a lot, or take unnecessary time. Simple changes can make a world of difference, and hiring me may be just what you need to take your House and Home that ONE STEP ABOVE THE REST.

As a recent graduate of QC Design School and many years of personal interest in design, and paying attention to styles/trends/colors/staging, I feel that this career hasn't been just recent, but it's something that has been in my life for pretty much my whole adult life. Taking it to this next level has been a life long dream, and with the recent exposure to this field I feel it has finally taken me to where I want to be - Staging - and helping others see and achieve their own personal designs.


Helping you decide on colors that work for your home, your personality and surroundings.
Helping you choose your own style, something you may already have, but you're not quite sure of.
Helping with furniture placement and decor that best fits your entire home or individual room.
Helping you to take full advantage of not only your homes, but your own, personal potentials.