Na'tasha Rosenthal

interior decorator , professional organizer

Na'Tasha Rosenthal

Greeting my name is Na'Tasha Rosenthal. In Ms. Rosenthal's profession of Interior Designers she is concerned with finding creative, technical, and innovative solutions to lay out the space of many types of buildings such as houses. When designing Na'Tasha solutions are functional,visually appealing,improve occupants' quality of life, and consider the traditions of the occupants. As a professional organizer she helps people organize the various areas of everyday life by training and offering tips to help control clutter and chaos.

Na'Tasha was born in Arizona and lived/traveled to many states.Na'Tasha has been designing scent she was only 7 years old. But Na'Tasha later realize what she was doing was a actual profession. At just 8 years old Na'Tasha had decorated a clients bedroom. An yes, all by her self from the colors of the wall to every necessity of the room. By high school graduation Na'Tasha had already set her mind that Interior Design is where here heart lye's. Now Na'Tasha is right where her heart lye's.


Interior Design and Professional Organizing