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Ann Blane

professional organizer

Ann Blane

Atlanta, GA

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May I make your order?

My name is Ann Blane. I’m a 50+ mother of four who had to learn organizational skills the hard way! Now I’m ready to help you create more space and get organized giving you more peace and less stress! I want to work with your preferences and style to make order out of your chaos.

Professional organizing started out as a hobby of mine. I would go to help out my overwhelmed friends, and we would end up de-cluttering and re-organizing. It really helped them.

I was being encouraged to pursue my passion, and this is it. I found QC design school and started taking classes. I have already learned a lot from them.


I serve the Atlanta, metropolitan area including Forsyth, Cherokee, Douglas, Fayette,Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Dekalb, and Clayton Counties.

Organizational techniques can apply to many situations including home, office, church, school, community and service organizations. I can help you with anything as small as a pantry or laundry room, to an entire house or office.

I will be happy to meet with you, evaluate your situation, develop a plan, help you de-clutter and get organized.

Give me a call. Let's get started on your road to a more stress free life. "May I make your order?"


Even though I know I can organize stuff pretty well on my own, I asked Ann to come look at my office to give me some suggestions. Once I explained what I hoped to do, she said she would be glad to help me. She asked thoughtful questions that really prompted me to attack my clutter problem in a new way. Now most of my files are actually in the new file drawers I had previously purchased, and I can see the top of my desk. At first it didn’t seem like Ann did a whole lot, but I realized that I would not have accomplished anything without her. She is a pleasure to work with.

Stacy in Cumming, GA

I’m a single mom who moved into a new house, started a new job, and put my three kids in new schools all in the same week. My garage had been the same mess for 2 years. I wasn’t even sure what was in there. When Ann agreed to help me, I was so happy. Who would have thought that purchasing 3 shelving units could revolutionize my life! Some things went on the shelves straight away, others only after a major de-cluttering. What a difference. Ann had some great low cost suggestions that have really helped me to maintain order. I was so happy with the results we went on to do the entire house! Even the children got on board! My life is so much simpler now. I know where everything is, and, at least, I don’t have to stress out about the garage!

Robyn in Cumming, GA

My husband was recently injured necessitating his moving to a nursing home. Ann offered to help me any way she could. I asked her to help me clean out our bedroom closet. She was able to help me make decisions about things to keep and things to get rid of. She asked questions that made me think about my stuff in a different way. I feel much lighter now. I can actually walk into my closet and find anything I’m looking for. It is so much better. Ann is a dear.

Dottie in Jonesboro, GA