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Claudette Ritter

home stager, interior redesigner

Claudette Ritter
Easton, WA

Feeling warm and welcome

My name is Claudette Ritter,

I would like to give you a bit of my back ground. I have always loved decorating. Decorating to me meant, I get to use my imagination and if I don’t like the blue wall all I have to do is go in the garage and get mom's old can of white paint and paint over what I did. However, what happen were people started to love what I had done.
Growing up, I was always rearranging, painting, and changing’s paint colors, furniture arrangement and odd-ball things, I used to drive my husband crazy he never knew what color the walls were going to be when he came home from work. One day they were white the next day they were smoked plum, and two weeks later I painted other rooms in my home teal. One of my neighbors came over and she saw my formal living room painted smoked plum and she told one of my other neighbors in our development and she came over and said I want you to come over to my house and paint my wall that color and that is how I got started.
I took my ideas outside as well, I took the colors I love, and I incorporated them into my garden. People kept asking me where I went to design school. I told them I hadn’t. They said you should you are excellent at this. So, that is when I made the decision to apply for QC Design.
I love color, I love design. I believe we live through our eyes, and what we see is how we feel, just like food we eat with our eyes, design is the same way. When we have a good design we feel warm and comfortable, when we have a bad design we never feel full, so we keep either adding more stuff or we are moving stuff around until we have broken our backs.
So, that is what I can do for you, I can do it right the first time. We don’t have to keep changing paint colors we don’t have to rearrange the room 15 times and we don’t have to feel uncomfortable anymore. Also, we are not out buying items for our homes that we don’t need or they don’t work in our designs anymore.
I hope you will find my story inspiring and relatable. I am excited to get to know you and your family and to get started on getting you more money for your home or to help you redesign it where you, and your friends and family want to live there for many years to come.
Claudette Ritter

Where my love of design came from was my grandfather. My grandfather was a master carpenter, and my father was a professional painter at Kenworth truck company. My father painted the semi in Smokie and the bandit movie. My grandmother Violet was also very crafty she made due with nothing.

I started watching Christopher Lowell on HGTV many, mnay years ago and I found I could not get enough of it. I met Chripstoher at Newell Hunt furniture in Pullaup Washington and I had him sign his book called Seven Layers of Design. Then I fell in love with Candice Olson WOW... What another great designer. What I learned from her was her layout, I learned to give my clients the items to hold and touch. I feel if you can have real life items my clients can turst in my choices for them.

Last but never the least Design Stars Winner David Bromstad!!!! He is absoluty the person that I took the leap of faith and went into this business. I love that he gave each of his clients a personal item that will not only increase in value but they can treasure forever. I have taken insripation from that.