Samantha Harmon

professional organizer

Samantha Harmon
Great Neck, NY

Organize and Simplify!

I am Samantha Harmon and I am your professional organizer! I want to give you back the time, space, money, and serenity you deserve! It’s my job to help you organize and simplify your life. After we meet and assess your specific needs, I will customize a plan just for you. I look forward to organizing and simplifying your life!

I graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1994 with a BA in Communications. I worked as an assistant vice president for a mortgage company/bank where I implemented organizational solutions regularly. I implemented an electronic filing system for the company saving time, space and money. I reorganized the company president's filing system, tailored to his specific needs, so that he and his assistant could find anything at a moments notice. That put an end to embarrassing phone calls explaining information couldn’t be found. I also wrote and implemented processes and procedures to increase office efficiencies. I did space planning to reclaim lost space for personnel. I have also organized home spaces, including kitchens, closets, bedrooms, home offices, basements, baby nurseries, bathrooms, and more. All of the organizing is done to the specified needs and wants of the person or people with whom I am working. I love helping people and making their lives serene in this chaotic world! People have busy lives and they should be able to enjoy their time.


I offer customized and tailored solutions to your specific needs. I will do an initial consultation with you. You will let me know how you want to spend your time, what mood you want to create in your new space and how you want it to function. Together, we will decide what to keep and what to dispose of in order to help you achieve that goal. I will help make that space beautiful, organized, and functional. I will help you improve the quality of your life by decluttering, organizing, and beautifying your space while making sure I stay true to your needs. I will help make your space work for the life you want to have. Once we agree, we will sign a customer contract outlining the fees, timeframe and the plan for your space.
Please feel free to contact me regarding pricing guidelines. I look forward to making your life organized and simplified!


Samantha came in and revamped my bedroom and closets. Now I can find everything whenever I want it. She was able to show me how to declutter, organize and maintain. She comes in once a month to help make sure I am staying with the program or to make any necessary adjustments. She is a lifesaver! It is no longer a daunting task to put things away where they belong, and I never have to look for anything! Thanks Sam!

Evan P

I was drowning in baby toys and things before Sam got here! She helped me feel comfortable donating lots of things that my kids no longer used. She also showed me better ways to keep some of the artwork and projects my kids made. My house is no longer a clutter magnet! The kids even help maintain the organization! We are all much happier. Everyone knows where everything goes and everyone now pitches in to help! Sam really simplified our house! And it's much more serene. There is room for the kids to play, they know where all their toys are, and there is also room for my husband and I to entertain or just have adult time. We love our "new home!"

Jaime S

My home office was a MESS. Papers everywhere, things that didn't belong in the office were in there anyway. I could never find anything and would often have to re-buy things that I couldn't find. I could hardly work in there as there was no room to work at the desk. My office was spilling over into the other areas of my house. It caused me to argue with my wife and the space became dangerous for my young son to be in. Sam came in and showed me how to de-clutter the space. She showed me how to organize it and keep it that way. I have never been more productive! She has really managed to make my life easier! I no longer fight with my wife, my son has a small play area in my office so he can be near me when we are both home, and I don't sped unnecessary money any longer to buy things I already have. And she made the space look incredible as well as functional. She comes in once a week to help me maintain, as this is definitely not my forte! She tweaks the program as necessary. We have Sam organizing other areas of the house now. Linen closets, bathrooms, the basement, playroom. She is doing an amazing job and she really has organized and simplified our life!

Brad S