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Becki Thomas

home stager , interior redesigner

Becki Thomas

Portland, ME

for home staging and redesign

h)(Who Am I?
My name is Becki Thomas and I have been fortunate to live in the beautiful Portland area of Maine for 35 years. During this time I have renovated, decorated and redesigned both homes and businesses.
Decorating is where my creative instincts shine! I am able to walk into a home or business and quickly assess how it can be brought to life. This might involve as little as a furniture rearrangement and/or perhaps adding accessories. Or it may move into changing wall colors and adding new window treatments, pillows and rugs. Each room can actually speak for itself!

(h)Staging, what does this mean?
Staging is the process of visually preparing a home for sale. It is important that your home looks at its best! Unfortunately many potential home buyers have trouble seeing themselves in your home. It is my job to help them with this process by de-personalizing and making your rooms beautiful yet simple and uncluttered.
(h)First impressions
Many potential buyers can make a decision in just seconds, so it is vital to make a great first impression! And speaking of which, curb appeal is essential in getting a buyer to come into the home. Making sure your home looks lovely on the outside is something we will be discussing as well.
(h) Statistics
Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for a better price than those that aren’t staged. Working in conjunction with Realtors in the area, I am ready to help make your home especially appealing to the market. I know that you may not want to spend extra money on your existing home, saving and dreaming of your new home. With this in mind we will come up with a budget together which can meet your needs and get your existing home sold fast. We can do a little or a lot!


I am pleased to offer to you the following services:

One room or a complete home staging

Re-design of a single room(s) or your whole house, using what you have!

Furniture shopping and/or consultation

Finding great accessories to enhance your home

Consultation on Window treatments and floor coverings

Fabric and wallpaper selections

Organizing and de-cluttering solutions