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Renee Elliott

interior decorator , professional organizer

Renee Elliott

Chateh, AB

Have you ever experienced “more with less”?

• More time, peace, freedom, enjoyment, relaxation, success

• Less stress, frustration, di

During my years of teaching in a professional setting I realized how much I enjoy the organizational aspect and the passing on of knowledge and skills in order to help others be successful. Now these two concepts are the foundation of my Professional Organizer business, allowing me to help and guide others in learning and applying organizational techniques and strategies in their personal and/or business lives to promote and/or enhance success.

During my successful teaching career of 10 years, I have also enjoyed organizing, planning, and taking care of the many details regarding various extra-curricular events, such as, developing and running a student-run cafe, school-wide carnivals and workshops, sports events, dances, feasts and much more.

Upon request, I gave guidance to other staff regarding restructuring and re-organizing their classrooms, routines and planning in order to achieve greater peace of mind, enjoyment, and better use of time with less stress and frustration.

Now I am excited to be working at this level on a full-time basis.



• Personal Home Space,
• Downsizing for Seniors,
• SOHO (small office/home office)
• Busy Professionals

• conquer the clutter
• apply key organization principles
• use step-by-step routines to help stay organized

• gain precious time
• maximize productivity
• achieve an efficient work level