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Elizabeth Fisher

interior decorator

Elizabeth Fisher

Sittsville, Nepean, ON

Designs and ideas that will reflect you!

I manage a beautiful furniture store in Barrhaven and assist clients with purchases and furniture selection on a daily basis. I believe that perfect design reflects the wants and wishes of the home-owner. The purpose and function of the room as well as the style that the owner likes and gravitates to should always be considered when designing a space and giving colour suggestions. In the end, it is the home-onwer that has to live with the design scheme and when I design a space it's not about me, it's about my client.

My educational background includes an undergrad from the University of Ottawa with concentrations in English, History and Psychology as well as my Masters in Elementary Education from SUNY Potsdam. I have always had an interest in decorating and design, and my favourite parts of teacher's college were the various creative components in the program. When I came back to Ottawa after graduating I realized the market for teachers here was little to none. I began working at M.Y. Home furniture store (where I still work) and soon began my interior decorating course as part of the services we offer include design. I'm currently managing our store in Barrhaven and loving what I do! I love that every client is different and finding the perfect pieces for their personal style and lifestyle really makes me excited!


I offer design consultations for paint colours, furniture placement and floor plans. I also source new furniture for clients and help them choose the perfect pieces to either finish a room and work with their current pieces, or completely gut it and start over. I also love kitchen re-design and have helped clients choose a new countertop and backsplash in a mini kitchen renovation.