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Tara Calligan

professional organizer

Tara Calligan

Caledonia, ON

An unorganized living space can create anxiety and drain your energy. Free yourself and get organized today.

About Me
Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tara Calligan and I have lived in Caledonia, Ontario for the past 20 years. In my spare time I Belly Dance and am also an Avon Representative. My love for organizing has been with me for many years, from making sure my stuffed animals were all named and lined up just right to organizing my own home and business. My promise to clients is that I will listen, care and teach you every step of the way. I am a trustworthy person who can get the job done while giving you the skills needed to keep your life stress free and organized.

Education and Experience
I am currently a student taking the Advanced Professional Organizer course from QC Design School. I have been organizing for myself, family, friends and various businesses though out my life. I was also a graduate of Tourism and Travel which taught me many things about running your own business, human relations, computer skills and so much more. Working in retail as an Assistant Store Operator and Merchandise Coordinator for 5 years has also enhanced my organizational skills.


House and Office Clutter
I will help you develop the organizational skills needed to become clutter free and organized, helping maintain order as a part of your everyday habits. Work or home I can help.
Closets and Storage
It is very important to determine the best use of your closet space. I can help maximize efficiency and usefulness. Pulling out all of the contents of your closet, sorting them, and then replacing them in a way that works for you.
Space Planning
Re-arrange your living space or office by opening it up so it is comfortable, relaxing, and clutter-free. This can help you work and live a better life.
Relocating can be very stressful. I can help decrease this stress by preparing your home to sell, giving it a pristine look and maximizing its selling price.
Chronic Disorganization (including hoarding)
Usually this is a more in depth organizing project. Belongings will all be gone through, purging, donating and making a space for everything kept.


My girlfriend and I had a closet that was a complete disaster. There was a huge pile on the floor that was getting higher and higher. Tara took everything out of the closet and we sorted it into things we could throw out, keep, and also donate. The closet is so much better now that I can walk into it!

Shane Tolhurst

I live in a small apartment and I have limited space for all my things in the bathroom. Tara not only cleaned it out and made it functional but she showed me how to do it and keep it that way. I am so thankful.

Paula Stantford