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Jennifer Panehal

interior decorator

Need a Home Makeover for the New Year? Let me help you redesign your home to your taste and style, and when guests come in, they will be sho

My name is Jennifer, I was born and raised in Hawaii, which is where I was inspired everyday by beauty, color, and life. I moved to Arizona in 2009 where I purchased my first home, which in the process of decorating, inspired me further to become and interior designer. I now am going to school to pursue that dream, and open my own business.

I chose to pursue a career in design and decorating because many people struggle to make their house represent what they really want deep inside, and with my help and knowledge, their goal of making their dream home a reality will come true.


Services I provide are:

Interior Decorating
Window Coverings
Furniture Purchasing
and simple Re-arranging