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Robin Day

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , landscape designer

Robin Day

Ottawa, ON



Specializing in interior and exterior design, redesign and home staging

Sell faster.... Maximize your potential!
What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of preparing a home for the real estate market. It is a smart and effective way of creating a home environment that will appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Staging a home is usually done by using furniture and accessories already found in the home in such a way as to bring focus back to a home’s selling points. By doing this, staging allows potential buyers to see your home in the best light. This is all accomplished with a minimal amount of time, money and effort.

In today’s competitive real estate market hiring a Professional Home Stager is as important as hiring the best Real Estate Agent. It's a fact that potential buyers form first impressions in 15 seconds. We provide creative and cost effective solutions to help you achieve success in selling your home. Let us make the difference and bring your home from STAGED TO SOLD!

Obtain guidance on how to stage your home for sale. A 1-2 hour initial consultation is a quick and easy option for you to learn how to get your home ready for today's real estate market. In the initial consultation we do a complete interior and exterior walk through. We view your home through a buyer’s eye observing all the details. This consultation can be customized to meet your needs and may include a colour consultation, and discussion of furniture editing and hands on rearranging where necessary. After viewing your home we will discuss an ACTION PLAN if you choose to proceed with other services.

Staging Services:
· Color Suggestions
· Furniture Placement
· Declutter
· Enhance Curb Appeal
· Shopping Service and/or Assistance with Purchasing/Renting Furniture and Accessories

Why Should I Stage My Home?
We live in our home differently than we should show it when it is for sale. Most potential buyers are unable to see themselves living in a home that is cluttered and contains many overly personal items. It is also hard for them to imagine how much more open and spacious a room could feel if the furniture was rearranged or some pieces were removed altogether. If these changes are made before the house goes on the market, buyers won’t have to imagine the home’s potential ~ it will be right there in front of them.
Fees for Services
Initial Consultation for Staging - $100 per hour
Initial walk-through without the follow-up of a written action plan.

Staging/Action Plan - $75 per hour
Let us prepare a detailed staging plan for you to follow. The plan covers all aspects of staging your home and provides a plan of action that is easy to follow. Rates vary depending on your budget, the amount of services required and size of your home. We will work with you to maximize the appeal of your home within your budget! A typical staging plan could take 4 hours for a home that needs slight adjustments to 10 hours for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Home Staging Implementation
If you would prefer to implement the staging plan yourself you are free to do so! If you’d prefer our experts to assist you with any or all of the implementation and for us to provide staging props we can provide these services as well.
· Furniture and equipment rental
Depending on what accessories and furniture you already have or need, we can tailor a package for you to provide decorative accents, furniture, curtains, etc. to fit within your budget. We will provide costs for rentals with the initial consultation.
· Implementation
Our home stager will come in and implement the staging plan based on what you have chosen for us to proceed with. The fees are $75 per hour for staging services and $50 per hour for shopping (if necessary) plus the cost of the merchandise.

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