Testimonials for Susan Blakely

I signed with a new client whose home had been on the market for months with little activity. She needed a quick sale and, due to her age and disabilities, was limited in resources. Susan worked with us to update the home with new paint colors, furniture and accessories. Not 48 hours later, we received an offer! My client was ecstatic. I'm a true believer in home staging!

Gaye, Spokane realtor

I have an open concept living room/dining room and couldn't figure out how to make it flow without looking too busy. With four active kids, I also couldn't spend a lot of money. Susan came in and over a week, helped me declutter, rearrange and paint. She used accessories she found in my house that I forgot I even had and accompanied me on a mini shopping excursion to fill in what was missing. The experience was fun and affordable. Wish I hadn't waited so long!

Cindy, Spokane, WA

We had a major leak in our vacation home and needed to tear out everything. We had a very narrow window of time to get things replaced and called Susan in a panic. Over the phone and with internet, she was able to evaluate and make suggestions. Her choices were dead on. Everything came together better than we had imagined.

Molly, Missoula, MT

We often bring Susan in to help with color choices. She makes suggestions and it always comes out looking like "us." We've also worked with her to rearrange rooms and help us define spaces. Since design is not my thing, it's great to know someone who can help, even with the small things.

Susan, Spokane, WA