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Linda Schamus

professional organizer

Linda Schamus

Woodbridge, VA

Organizing for the way you want to live…

All my life I've been destined to be a Professional Organizer. As a child, my family moved every few years which meant we were always packing and unpacking. As an adult, I spent time in the military, and then married a military man. This was great "hands on" experience on how to become organized.

For the past 10 years, I have assisted in the organization of a large Lego collection. With my over 20 years of organizational office skills, you can feel confident knowing that I'll teach you how to stay organized. I also specialize in scrapbooking and genealogy. As the family historian, I have organized generations of photos and I know the importance of keeping items safe for generations to come.
Now that I am a Certified Professional Organizer, I look forward to helping others improve their living and working areas.


Assist with downsizing, either for empty nesters or those moving to assisted living. Decluttering any room in the house - sorting, boxing items and disposal.
Cataloging, office organizing, electronic file organizing, and pictures.
Scrapbooking spaces - decluttering, sorting, arranging for optimal use.
Create Lego (and/or other bricks) storage spaces based on need for children and adults.


When first approached about revamping and redesigning my Lego Brick storage room, I was concerned that It couldn't get any better than I had already set it up; even though that set up had its own problems. But once the concepts were explained, with the added dimension of the design work of making the walls Lego basic brick colors, I was on-board for the transformation that was to take place. The finished product was better than I could visualize, and that says volumes coming from someone who creates in a visual medium with Lego Brick.