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Sierra Folz

makeup artist

Sierra Folz

Parker, CO

I cannot cure cancer, but I can cure low self confidence!

My name is Sierra!
I am a freelance makeup artist/Cosmetology student. I love making people feel beautiful and confident!

I started doing makeup when I was 14, and from there I discovered a passion for beauty! My mother did hair for years, and I always watched her make people beautiful, and I wanted that power too! At age 16 I was hired as a makeup artist for a local fashion show, and form there my local career had its beginning. I started cosmetology school at age 18, and am soon graduating. You wouldn't think a tomboy like me would be interested in makeup or beauty, but I am, and I love having the power to use any face as a canvas for a unique creation that is different for each person!


Weddings, Photography, Runway shows, Print, Personal occasions, Prom, Special events, Etc.