Rita Saridar

home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , landscape designer

Rita Saridar
Milton, ON

ReDesign for Less - Staging Your Home Profesionally

Design your home and love it with my help as your interior designer. My name is Rita Saridar and I could be your personal designer if let me. I can redesign your home using your own furniture and without spending a lot of money. I can have you love your own home by just adding a little touch and color. Using my own experience from the past, I can help you decorate your home with minimum cost by using your own decorative items and by adding a little bit of paint to any room could turn your house upside down and make it attractive. I can also help you sell your home quicker and turn it into everyone’s dream home by adding my touch to it.

I can also help turn your home into an investment by using my service. A well decorated home sell much quicker than any other home therefore you would save time and money. Also my services help sell your home for the asking price or in some cases for a higher price than the asking price which has happened in the past with four past clients of mine. I have included their reference letters and their contact information for your review.

I can assure you that using my services would please you and your house members whether you are planning to sell your home or keep it, using my services will help you feel that you have accomplished a satisfying job and that you have won the battle over clutter. In here I can show you that decluttering is one of my expertise and you would feel refreshed afterwards since all the clutter has disappeared.

You may also find in my package many pictures of decorated homes where I have included the before and after pictures. In these pictures you can see the added value to each home once it’s decorated and painted. In many cases you can see that the same furniture was used since it is in good condition. The room needed to be staged in order to show its qualities. Also many of the owner’s decorative items were used in different areas of the house and were placed properly where it belonged.


My services include interior design, redesign, and staging. I can decorate vacant homes as well as occupied homes by owner or vendor. My rate is $55 per hour and it only starts when you decide to hire me and my company. I offer free consultation to all my clients and in return I only ask to refer me to their family and friends. I hope that I can provide the service that you require and need to turn your home into a professionally decorated home that you would love to live in and appreciate or decide to sell it.