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Shari Post

professional organizer

Shari Post

Simcoe and surrounding areas, ON

If you see clutter, I see a mission.

I have always had a knack for organizing. I have an intuition on categorizing, a need for speed & no-nonsense, and a desire to help others weighed down by an unorganized life. Together with my schooling and personal experience I have earned the title Professional Organizer. I know the value and blessings that come from a smooth, well organized home life and can apply that same peace to you.


If your home is in chaos or clutter this is where I step in. My services are geared towards transforming your home into a peaceful, organized, welcoming space to live your life. I work together with my client to achieve goals listed in our initial appointment. I will listen to what the client wants to achieve and follow a pace that is comfortable for the client. I will create a plan, work with you to purge & sort, and do the necessary shopping to transform your home into the space I know it can be.