QC Career School

Laurie Bentolila

home stager

Laurie Bentolila

Aurora, ON

Making a house a home!

Staging and design have been a passion of mine for many years. I take pride in my work and see it through to the final concept. Making a room appear comfortable and cozy to a homeowner by using textures of fabric and colour is how I create my ultimate design.

During my career in the printing industry, colour and design was a crucial part of my job. Staging to me is an extension of this interest. I am currently in the Staging program at QC Design School and have successfully staged my home as part of the curriculum.


An objective meeting with the client to find out their budget requirements with a walk through their home, while taking pictures for future reference.

Decluttering & Organizing
Minimizing household clutter and making the house appear clean and neat. Removal of family pictures and religious articles if needed. Advise client if furniture needs updating.

Paint Colour & Lighting
Removing dark colours from walls with softer tones will create larger and brighter rooms. Colour is what formulates the flow from room to room. Choosing floor lamps, pot lights or scones can enhance the atmosphere.

Furniture Placement
If the budget permits additional furniture may be purchased and placed in the home, thereby achieving the preferred design style. Any extra pieces not needed may be placed in storage.

Curb Appeal
Making your home look warm and inviting from the outside is an important measure. Painting garage door, porch or front door can enhance the appeal. Also blackening the driveway if needed will also increase the look. Planting colourful flowers in the front gardens is another added attraction for the home buyers eye.