Judy Harms

interior decorator

Judy Harms
Bella Vista, AR

DESIGNS WITH DISTINCTION that focus on YOUR personality!

Designs with Distinction is my newly formulated interior decorating and design company. Through study with the Quality of Course Design School, I am converting my favorite, and quite passionate hobby into a viable business. If you need professional counsel to make your "casa" your castle, I would like to help you!

Designs with Distinction Objectives:
a) I will listen intently to learn your likes and dislikes
b) We will work with your existing furnishings as far as you desire
c) We will create comfortable, functional and highly attractive spaces that reflect YOUR personality and style
d) I will work within your predetermined budget

After spending thirty-five years in the corporate world, moving some 17 times in the last 20 years of that span, then retiring in the beautiful state of Arkansas, I quickly learned it would be impossible for me to actually "retire" and do nothing. Accordingly, I completed a degree in Music Education and began teaching a few pupils in piano, which was very fulfilling. At the same time I was called upon to teach Sunday School classes and found I have almost a "need" to help, teach or instruct people.

Recently we thought we would relocate to live closer to children, therefore, I disengaged myself from the above responsibilities which left me with much time on my hands. It then occurred to me that I should examine all my skills, talents, interests and hobbies and determine which I enjoy most and pursue that as my next endeavor. After only a short self-examination I realized I have always been intensely interested in decorating, have loved all of our moves because they afforded me the opportunity to design and decorate in each of our 17 different homes, and many of our friends, relatives and acquaintances have called upon me to assist them in decorating their homes. Consequently, I enrolled in the Quality of Course School of Design. Through this excellent program I believe my natural instincts for interior design are becoming finely honed and thereby I can meet the needs of my clients with fresh and inspired direction.

Some of my past work for friends is featured under "Portfolio" on this site. Through "word-of-mouth" recommendations I have already received several requests for my consulting services, though I have not yet completed this course of study. If you are seeking interior design assistance, please call to arrange a free consultation to learn what I can offer you and how we can work within your budget.


We had Judy come to our house on Beaver Lake with ideas for remodeling the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. What she did was truly remarkable; the change in the style, atmosphere and design was so uplifting and enjoyable. Her design completely transformed the house. All the rooms flow together yet they each have their own personal touches. Judy’s ideas were creative and her overall vision was better than anything we could have ever imagined. Not only was Judy’s work incredible, but she was a complete joy to work with from beginning to end. The entire experience was a pleasure. Judy has not only a true gift at design but also working and communicating with people. We would recommend her to anyone and everyone we know.

Irv and Judy Singer

Our experience with Judy as an interior decorator has exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable. Our first experience with Judy was the upstairs living area. She did an excellent job of making the room feel warm and inviting. She worked with us to use some inherited furniture in this area, which was a must. She redesigned our window coverings into lovely drapes and repurposed some furniture from another room in our home, which really met our needs for the upstairs living area. We originally planned for the repurposed piece of furniture to be temporary, just until we could find that perfect piece. However over a year later we are still using that piece and we love what it adds to the room. It is not temporary after all. Judy was right, it was the perfect piece for our living area! We were so pleased with the results of the upstairs living area transformation, we asked Judy to redecorate our kitchen. The kitchen is wonderful now; we absolutely LOVE it. We are glad we painted the cabinets as she suggested. We have been so happy with Judy’s design skills we've engaged her to "remake" our Master Bedroom. We are terribly excited about the ideas she has presented for the Master Bedroom!! She presented us two schemes and we loved both of them. We've made a decision but it was an incredibly difficult job to choose one scheme over the other. We are positive we would love either option. We are filled with anticipation as we anxiously wait for the Master Bedroom to be completed. A few of the reasons we LOVE working with Judy as “our” decorator are: 1) She works with us to give us what we want. 2) She presents her thoughts and ideas in a way that we can see and understand them without forcing her ideas on us. 3) She listens to what we have to say and incorporates our suggestions into the design in a way we could never have imagined. 4) She has NEVER been over budget! In fact she has been under budget on every room she has decorated for us. She works very hard to get us the very best quality and price for our money. We could not be more pleased! 5) She repurposed furniture from other areas of our home into amazing pieces that really fit the new room design without leaving us lacking in the room from which the pieces were removed. We are eager for the Master Bedroom to be completed so we can start the downstairs living area. I bet she can make me love that room too!

David and Debbie Vaught