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Amy Prevost

professional organizer

Amy Prevost

Camrose, AB

My name is Amy Prevost. I can simplify your world; enrich your life; improve your relationships; increase your productivity; and, after all that, give you the extra time you've been needing to do that thing you've been wanting do! I will assist you in putting in order what has become overwhelming. I am able to plan a project that you may not have time to do yourself and follow it through to completion. Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you don't have time to deal with it or even know where to start with it...I can help!

Order, planning, and making things easier has always been my niche. I have done jobs that really touch on many different facets. I have written safety manuals; organized and inventoried for a college, as well as, created and implemented their inventory regime; and I have gone into people's homes and reorganized spaces which included making changes to their family schedules to create more family time together.


Many times in our lives we are faced with a project or a circumstance and we are not sure where to even begin, let alone, how to bring it all home to a successful conclusion. That's where I come in, I can do that! I can help streamline your small business with better organization. If you have recently had a change in your family circumstance and you are not sure how to move forward, I will assist you in reworking your family's schedule; your family's home space; and anything else required to simplify your life. Downsizing, reorganizing, simplifying, I do it all! Call for a consultation. In your first appointment, we will talk about your needs; look at your space; discuss your budget and plan for your project goal. In most circumstances, our first meeting could also have a preliminary plan and timeline in place.