QC Career School

Angelique Harmon

professional organizer

No Muss No Fuss!

Do you hate the feeling that your house is a mess, unorganized, and/or things seem out of place? Is it making you feel stressed out or unproductive? I can help!
I have taken my life's experience of doing what I have been doing for myself, employers, my family and friends over the years to organize their rooms, their belongings, their personal and business records to a professional level. I can help you with reorganizing your furniture, books, art work, home office, professional office, records, receipts and anything else you think seems out of place or strewn about.
This is not just a job but a passion I have so that there is a sense of order and peace within the spaces we live and work in.

I am a certified QC professional organizer and while I am new to the profession, I am not new to organizing! I have worked as an office manager and personal assistant for many years for doctors, designers and entrepreneurs. Besides having the experience of working in an office, I have always taken it upon myself to organize, organize and organize some more so that billings, orders, records, and all things related to the business at hand were properly organized and the necessary flow of business was restored.

On a personal level, I am a metal and jewelry designer and have a background in fashion development and production as well as office management. I have experience managing many types of people and their many types of home and work environments. I am non judgmental and easy going. I have a family with small children which demands I stay organized and keep those around me organized to avoid chaos. I believe that being organized allows us to enjoy the fruits of our labor and helps us achieve peace, happiness and flow in our everyday lives. I believe that anyone can become an organized person with a little help and have the order and ease they deserve .


Professional Organizing