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Patricia DeSouza

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator

Patricia DeSouza

Milton, ON
(416) 659 7206

Born to design!

I love beautiful homes... I always did!
As a child in Ecuador-South America my heart was stopped if I found a beautiful arrangement... flowers,furniture for indoors or outdoors, colors in walls, decor items, and so on.

My curiosity was so strong that I had to ask to the owners "where did they get them or who made them?".
My house was always decorated with special things, I loved it beautiful and spotless, something funny to remember is that my Canadian husband fall in love for me when he visited "my beautiful and clean house!".

I was a top student from childhood. In High School I became the president of the students council and graduated with several honors. I loved studying, taking charge and dealing with people. With a crowd of friends and a good potential career I studied computer sciences. I worked for great places...the last one...a worldwide organization where I had to "design computer systems"; I was normally in charge of projects. On the other hand, my hobby was "design, decor and renovations" from the top design firms in the world (USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, etc.)

Moving to Canada in 1993 represented the possibility to research even closer from these top firms and from builders of awesome custom homes!

After years of doing it as a passtime, I started my own company "Decorating With Mayan!". I transfered my work experience and continue training up-to-date. I studied sales, marketing, business communication, design, and management. I worked as a manager in a contracting company and then as a project coordinator for small and extensive renovations. I opened my new company DWM Designs to handle high-end projects in the residential, commercial, coorporate and hospitality markets.

People who trust me deserve the very best and based on that I deliver my 150% in every project. MY PERSONAL SIGNATURE IS HIGH-END MADE POSSIBLE WITH A MIX OF ELEMENTS WHICH DELIVERS HIGH VALUE!

I am a Designer, Sales Specialist, Project Coordinator, Contract Manager, Representative of Importers & Manufacturers and also a Decorator and Home Stager! I like to study a new category every year and I ABSOLUTELY FOCUS ON EXCELLENCE AT EVERYTHING I DO!!!.


I provide with:
1.- Consulting for design, decor and renovations projects up to one million dollar budget.
2.- Project Coordination for renovations (in charge or alongside with trades)
3.- Representation to Importers and Manufacturers to the trades such as designers, decorators, stagers, property managers, builders and contract management firms.