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Kali Johnson

professional organizer

Kali Johnson

Iowa City, IA

You never know unless you try!

My name is Kali Johnson. I currently live in Iowa. I have always been very passionate about organization. When my family members needed help organizing their homes whether it be a clothes closet to their kitchen I was there to help. I live by the idea there is a place for everything, you just have to find the place.

I live a very simple life. I like to enjoy the things I have without spending a lot of money while doing them. I live on a little farm, with cows, sheep, lots of cats, and my three dogs. I enjoy gardening in my flower garden and veggie garden. I have always thought then if your home is clean and organized you are able to enjoy the little things in life.


I have been organizing homes, offices and schools for a number of years. There is very little that I won't take on. Where there's a will there's a way!