QC Career School

Rose Frey

interior decorator

Rose Frey

Elmira, ON

Simply creating a new look.

After numerous renovations and redecorating of my own home and helping friends and family with theirs, I decided to take the Interior Design & Decorating course with QC Design School. This course has given me more insight into details involved with doing what I already love to do.


Our home was in need of a change. The wallpaper needed to go and I was tired of the colors on the walls but I hardly knew where to begin. To me the task was overwhelming. I needed some direction as to how to start. A phone call to my sister quickly put a plan in action. It all started by sending her a cushion off of my sofa and that got the ball rolling. By changing the paint on the walls and adding a few different wall hangings and lots of cushions on the sofa I am now enjoying the new look. Because of her help the transformation was wonderful. The task that seemed so overwhelming became an enjoyable experience. Now which room should I do next?

Carolyn M.