Erick Rodelius

professional organizer

Erick Rodelius
Trabuco Canyon, CA


Hello, I am Erick Rodelius and I am your professional organizer. I am very new to the field at a professional level, but have been getting organized my entire life. I approach an organization task as a puzzle. That space in your house can be perfect to you but there may be just too many pieces or they are all in the wrong places. Let me help you put that puzzle together.

I was born in South Carolina, and raised in Southern Orange County, California. As a child and teenager I already had the belief that there is a place for everything and to put everything in it's place. That is why, when I joined the Navy, I had no problem adjusting to the discipline of military organization. After the Navy I went back to school and got my degree in history. I also worked as a photo lab technician because of my love for photography, but it didn't take long before I became the organizing employee in the lab. Everywhere I go I see organizing as a chance to increase efficiency, and more importantly, decrease stress levels. When a space is how you want it and you know where everything is, then it makes everything else that much easier. I eventually realized my calling was to turn this organizing skill into a profession and this is where you find me today.


I can help you with any organization situation you may be in. I specialize in residential organization, and can help with your garage, home office or any other space you want organized. I provide a free in-home consultation to assess what is required to get the space just how you want it. During the in-home consultation I will listen to exactly what you want, take your ideas and then incorporate them with my ideas. Together we will get your life organized. This in-home consultation is absolutely free. I will provide a follow-up consultation to present the plan I have come up with to tackle your space. This follow-up is also free, as long as services are rendered.


I had an office that I didn't even want to look at. I would avoid it at all costs and just do my work in the living room. Erick helped me take my office space back and not let it have control over me. He organized it just exactly how I need it, and now I enjoy working in my office. I can find things quickly, and get my work done that much faster. Now my living room doesn't have to be cluttered with office stuff either. I would recommend him to anyone who just doesn't have the time or energy to do what Erick does as well as he does it.

Cindy J., Mission Viejo, CA

Erick displayed great organizational skills, putting them to use in my kitchen. My pantry & cupboards now are neater, items more accessible, and I have more usable space.

Sara S., Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I cannot say it enough. The experience with your company was amazing. It all began with the free consultation with Erick. What a relief! Upon inspection of the space that I previously deemed "overwhelming". Erick calmly told us, "We can work with this". He had a vision. The best part, he formulated his plan based around our needs and desires. In addition, he did not simply go out to purchase supplies he thought were needed to complete the vision; he asked what our budget was, and worked tirelessly to create our dream space while staying well within our budget. That sort of out of the ordinary thinking was what really sold me on using Life-Organized to give me the garage I always envisioned. The turn-around time from consultation to transforming our space was rapid, three days to be exact. Erick, in true hands-on form, showed up himself to help see the plan to fruition. He had taken all the measurements down from the storage units already in place to the floor space available and produced meticulous plans based on where we told him we would like everything to go. Life-Organized allotted 3 days for our project and Erick finished this tall task in a timely manner. Even more amazing is that he helped make sure we came in 25% under budget for materials. This type of attention to detail coupled with outstanding results is something special. I have already recommended Life-Organized to my friends and family. Using Life-Organized to re-shape my garage was not only the best choice I have ever made from a home improvement standpoint, it is easily the best decision any homeowner could ever make.

Josh C., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA