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Helen Meyer

professional organizer

Helen Meyer

Cincinnati and surrounding areas, OH

Chaos to bliss--nothing's amiss!!

I was born to bring order to chaos. It is not natural for we,as humans,to live in chaos, but have order, peace and calm in our every day lives. By de-cluttering and organizing your living and working space you will reduce the amount of stress you experience each day and begin to enjoy some free time to just relax. I am able to enter a room, which most people would find overwhelming, and see peace and order in the space.
I can evaluate your space, and propose a plan of action, along with storage solutions, and discuss the next step with you all within an hour consultation.

The first step truly is up to you!

I am currently a Certified Professional Organizer through the Advanced International Organizing Professional Academy of the QC Design School. I have been doing freelance work with several elderly neighbors and family members for a few years and have decided to take the step of becoming certified to use this gift I have. I truly feel chaos and clutter bring stress and dis-ease to the body and mind. Once you allow me to streamline your environment, you will question how you ever functioned beforehand!!


Solutions designed for:

-Primary residence

-Home offices



-Move in/out coordinator



Consultation Includes:
-Review expectations

-Identify special concerns

-Physical examination of area to be redesigned

-Provide a written overview of the task, guaranteeing the desired result, a schedule for the plan implementation and total costs related.

If you have any questions regarding my services or service areas, feel free to contact me. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and there is no job to small.