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Pat Maguire

professional organizer

Pat Maguire

Vancouver, BC

Eradicate your clutter and get your life back on track - 'eradication' is the name of my game.

Welcome to my site. My name is Pat Maguire and I live in Vancouver, BC. I am a declutterer by nature and I very much enjoy helping people who find it difficult to get on track with that themselves and find their lives encumbered due to a magnitude of "stuff" that take up too much of their physical and mental space. That in itself can encroach upon ones everyday life and make it difficult to function well. I would love to come and help you because together we can certainly eradicate it.

In your home we would chat about your concerns and then we would go through your space to see what you would like accomplished. I can then formulate a plan and I would come back and together we would tackle the problems. During this process I would give you lots of tips on how to keep your space free of clutter and organised so that you are able to keep your space comfortable and relaxing.

I came to Vancouver BC from London, England in 1993. For most of my professional life I have been a medical secretary. I really enjoy working with medical staff and their patients. A couple of the skills a medical secretary requires is organisational skills. The other is being able to listen and liase with people to be able to help them navigate their way through the health system when they are going through inner turmoil.

I like people and I like helping them with their clutter woes too, which for many is very daunting. I was thinking about doing more as I have had friends say to me for a long time now that I should do this professionally. I had always thought about becoming a professional organiser and decided that I would take the QC Design course. I am delighted that I did. I enjoy tackling clients challanges with them and try very hard to help them reinvent themselves so that they can move forward.


Household decluttering and organising clients space as he/she wishes.

How to have ones space clutter free, tidy with a relaxed positive atmosphere for the long term. No more clutter or untidy rooms in your future.

Garages or sheds that need declutering and reorganising. This service is in the spring to summer time only.

If there is something you would like help with and it is not listed above please call me because I will always consider your plight.


Can't believe how clean and tidy my space is now. I did not realise just how many things I had that I did not use. I wish I had called you a year ago.


Thank you so much for getting by closet back in order. It is so easier to find outfits and accessories now. I needed someone to help me decide what I should keep and what I should discard. I could not have managed it on my own. I will be calling you again.


Thank you for help with my garage. Every time I go in I cannot believe how tidy and how clean it is.