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In Logical Order, Too!

Lashorn Love

home stager , professional organizer

Lashorn Love

Lawrenceville, GA
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In Logical Order, Too .....
with a touch of functional art!!!!

The ebb and flow of your environment is enhanced- the end result is peace and tranquility
with the gift of time back in your day
- In Logical Order, Too!!

We are not just an organizational service- we delivery to every client a PERSONALIZED lifestyle change that increases productivity, saves money, and improves time management but the greatest reward is the renewing of the soul!!!
The loving YOU
-through organization goes to the core of YOU
- enhancing, enriching and empowering-
we are not just an organizational company- we are

In Logical Order, Too!! has been providing logical order to homes and small business for over ten years. Our logical approach - every thing in it's place and every thing logically placed !
This approach has satisfied clients across the United States. We have enhanced the ebb and flow of homes and small business in New York, New Jersey,Ohio, North Carolina, California and now The Atlanta Metro Area.
We work intimately with every client to achieve a customized environment with a touch of functional art. You know where you are today
- let our client blogs give you a glimpse of where you can go!!!

The minute mundane daily rituals are more rewarding to the soul than their simplicity suggests.
This is the heart beat of our service-
In Logical Order, Too
is not JUST an organizational service-
We offer a lifestyle change that effects generation after generation.


Home Organizing:

* Clutter Control
* Closet Organizing & Design
* Closet Installation
* Garages/Attics/Basements
* Kitchens
* Other Rooms
* Custom Storage Solutions
* Moving & Relocation

Office Organizing:

* Office - Residential Business
* Office - Small Business

Information Organizing:

* Computer Consulting
* Electronic Information Management
* Paper Management

Special Services:

* Coach - Life/Personal
* Time Management Training
* Staff/Group Training
* Procedural Evaluations
* Meetings/Event Management
* Home Staging
* Interior Design
* Wardrobe Consulting
* Errands/Personal Shopping

Specific Clients:

* Chronically Disorganized/Hoarding
* Children
* Seniors
* Students
* Medical Offices
* Non-Profit Organizations