Vicki Loberman

professional organizer

Vicki Loberman
Newton, MA


Stress can set in when objects are hard to find and clutter takes over. Let me help solve the problem and ease your stress.
Organizing has always been a passion of mine and I have always been an extremely organized person.
I have always worked in an organizational capacity with the companies I have been employed by. Whether it was setting up databases or planning out office space. I think organization has always been in my blood.

I look forward to helping the people of Massachusetts with their organizational challenges.

From desperate mums to seniors and busy working professionals I can help you all with my individual approach to each persons challenges.

Being a mum myself I understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by things and feel that there aren't enough hours in the day. By working with me I will help you tackle the clutter and provide you with the steps to keep on top of things.


PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING for the home and office - anything from a closet to a room to a whole house

Reorganizing, de-cluttering, reusing and recycling

The first step is a walk through consultation so I can evaluate your needs.
From there it is up to you to decide if you would like me to send you a report including advice on how to start organizing and the steps involved, for you to sort things out yourself or you can choose to work with me or let me get stuck into it by myself.

I can be as involved as you like and once the job is done I will give you key points so that you can stay on top of things after I'm gone.



I am also a personal trainer - so can help improve your body as well as your home.