Kendal Runstedler

interior decorator , professional organizer

Kendal Runstedler
Woodstock, ON

Transforming any space!

My Approach to Your Home
Being a Professional Organizer and Interior Designer and Decorator allows me to help those who are experiencing stress, change and unhappiness with their homes. I am able to make a difference in people's lives and help them over-come obstacles.

My personal approach is as simple as listening to you, the client. I will make suggestions and help guide this project into something that will be transpiring within your home. My end goal is to allow you to feel like you are at home and to enjoy your wonderful space.

Personal Background
I am the neat, organized, clean child from an un-organized, messy family of 7. I was always seen as the "adopted" child because I was so different. I have always had an act for being structured and orderly. I grew up in the country, but have lived in the city for the past six years, therefore I am able to design a variety of rooms. Whether you have a traditional classic taste or old country; I can do it all.

I graduated from university with an honours degree in Classical Studies and Women and Gender Studies. It wasn't until I found QC Design School that I really knew my passion in life.


1) Team Work is Best
We can start with a consultation. This is where you will tell me changes that you want to see and we will discuss different options for the space. We will decide on a date and time that best suits the both of us. I will come back and show you, through the use of floorplans and inspiration boards etc., what changes we can make. Once we have agreed and discussed the options we can start to have fun by making these changes throughout the space. We will work together and I will offer tips and knowledge on how to stay organized. Once we are done with the space, I will make follow-up appointments or calls to see how you are interacting with your newly transformed room.

2) Do It Yourself
If you are a hands-on person and like accomplishing tasks on your own, I can still help you out. We can meet for a consultation and I can carefully assess your space. From this I will create a detailed report disussing all my suggestions. I will include a step-by-step process and also propose products that may be suitable within your space. I will give you guidance in order for you to organize your space into something that you will absolutely love.

I am able to make any space into an oasis. Your home will be a place that you enjoy being in after I re-organize or design it. I will offer key tips to keep you organized after I am gone, but if you lose your way I'm just a call/email away.