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Robin Di Valentino

interior decorator

Robin Di Valentino

Burlington, ON

The interior of your home can be both functional and beautiful.

I have several passions that add to the fullness and happiness of my life. First is my family. My husband and I have raised three active boys. My dogs are another passion. I am not simply a pet guardian. I love my dogs. They are a part of the family and have access to every part of the house. I know from the experience of children and pets that a functional home is a necessity and that visual appeal is possible in any circumstance. Interior design is a passion that has added to the enjoyment of family life, dogs included!

My approach to design is a result of my life experience. The home needs to be functional and appealing.

Growing up in Hamilton is an experience I remember fondly. It was a neighbourhood of hard working immigrant families who came to Canada for jobs and the opportunity to provide an education for their children. Our circumstance was humble as my parents struggled to establish themselves. I am proud of my family for the risks they took in immigrating, their hard work and their commitment to their children. These are the values I have endeavoured to maintain.

My husband and I have raised our three boys together. They are now independent young men of whom we are immensely proud. These were the busy years. We were busy with our children, their friends, our friends, nieces and nephews, hockey, soccer, and of course our dogs.

I have recently retired from teaching. Teaching in the elementary panel in Halton, I have taught from grade three to eight. This has been a rewarding experience. For me teaching has developed many skills which can be applied to interior design (organization, focus on process, presentation of ideas and concepts, creativity, advocacy, and problem solving). As a teacher I have continued to improve my teaching practise. It is my opinion that it is the responsibility of a professional to continue to learn, regardless of the area of expertise. As a design professional I feel the need to continue learning and development.

I have retired from teaching but I am not retired! Of course retirement will necessitate an addition to the family - a puppy. We will continue to live in Burlington, Ontario to be near our boys who have decided to remain in the area where they grew up.


Decorating Services
The services I can provide to enhance the enjoyment of your home are:
- Colour consultation
- Furniture selection/placement
- Fabric selection
- Accessorizing
- Creating focal points
- Creating theme/mood
- Creating an interior environment that is beautiful and functional

Service areas: Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek