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Patty Gillette

green designer , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Patty Gillette

Moorpark, CA

Do you want clarity of mind? Then let Clean Slate Organizers assist you.

As the founder of, The Clean Slate Organizers, I can assist in providing hope and a vision to de-clutter and organizer your life. Just think of the time and energy you will gain to enjoy life.

The Clean Slate Organizers name and concept stems from the need for new beginnings. Have you lost a loved one? Do you need to down-size? Or perhaps a good spring cleaning and/or or redesign your room is what you are after. Then let The Clean Slate Organizers provide you with that fresh, organized new look.

My degrees are in: AA Business Administration, was a licensed Commercial and Personal Account Executive, Interior Decorator-QC Design School, emphasis in Professional Organizing, CPO.

My experience in design is built on redesigning rooms, and space efficiency for family friends and referrals.

From a young age, organization seemed to come naturally. After living in cramped quarters, I found that re-organizing areas provided more space and brought a sense of peace. Over the years people complimented my organizational abilities and asked for ideas in setting up systems to improve the quality of their lives.
I can empathize, I am a busy mom and a household administrator who wears many hats which has given me the experience to develop creative organizational skills.
So give the Clean Slate Organizers a call. We will improve systems for your home or work environments and then watch your life flow efficiently.


Client Analysis report
- detailing options to re-designing spaces

Recommendation Report
- providing more efficient and effective options to manage your spaces, belongings and time.


"My room is cool. It is so organized. Now I know where all my stuff is and can find it easily"

Hannah Dimas (age 10) - Newbury Park, CA

Having, Patty Gillette, The Clean Slate Organizers, coming in to help was a blessing. My daughter can now keep her room clean and tidy because there is a system in place. We are so happy with the professionalism and care that we received. The room has never looked so neat and welcoming. It has made such a difference! It does feel like a clean slate at the end of the process!

Julie Dimas - Hannah's Mom - Newbury Park, CA