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Lynne Maher

home stager, professional organizer

Lynne Maher

Rochester, NY

"Where we support you with compassion to a peaceful and clutter-free environment."

Welcome to Supportive Organizing Solutions! Rely on us to provide you with everything you need to get your life in order. We will always be supportive, respectful, and energetic so the process will go as smooth as possible.

If you’re looking for someone who will support and guide you on your journey to a less stressful life, you’ve come to the right place. I am Lynne Maher, a confidential organizing professional. I believe organization helps us simplify and enjoy life. Perhaps you’ve been collecting things for a long time. Perhaps you’re downsizing. Maybe you’re a busy person with no time to waste. Or perhaps you just hate filing paperwork. I understand what it’s like. I know the importance of empathy, understanding and respect. My job is not only to guide your organizing, but also to make sure you’re comfortable as you make decisions. I do this based on years of experience helping people organize their lives. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Colorado State University, am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and received my Certification of Professional Organizing from the QC Design School. On this site you’ll find powerful ideas and helpful tips to becoming better organized. These are useful, but there’s nothing like a skilled, empathetic professional at your side when the task is a big one. You’ve already decided to get organized—a great decision! Now it’s just a question of how. Whether it’s providing free guidance online or visiting in person, I can help.

Lynne Maher


* Collectors and Compulsive Hoarder
* SOS for Seniors - helping Seniors reorganize their homes and their
lives for simpler living.
* Home Organization and Downsizing - perfect for those
who are moving or who have moved
* Improve and Organize closet space - give you your dream closet
and show you how to organize it
* Organize your Garage and kitchen - make your life simpler
* Shred, Organize, and Dispose of unwanted papers and CDs
* Organize and de-clutter your home for sale
* Take complete inventory of your organized home for insurance
* De-clutter and organize for a big event
* List unwanted items for sale
* Organize your computer desktop, files, and pictures


On Moving...{Taken off of Yelp} [Lynne] was beyond helpful when I downsized before moving to Virginia. Very professional, extremely helpful, great suggestions for post-move organizing ideas. Full service, excellent lady. would HIGHLY recommend.

~- Kerri M, Fairport via Virginia

Thank you very much for your guidance, support and skilled help with my Big Move. I was overcome with the prospect of moving 33 years’ worth of living into a small one-bedroom apartment. But after I called you and you developed our plan, I began to relax. I’m especially grateful for the way you helped me decide what I need to bring and what I need to give away. (Son and daughter-in-law thank you for all the treasures they got!). I would never have known there were so many places that will take old but perfectly good stuff. I think the stuff we sold about paid for your services. But the most important thing is that I’m happy with what I brought. I have what’s really important to me. Thank you, Lynne. You made a tough job easy.

Martha S., Fairport, NY

Dear Lynne, When first opened my empty walk-in closet, I thought, “Wow! What a wonderful thing to have!” Over time, I got into the habit of doing a “quick clean up” by tossing things into it. Dozens of “quick clean-ups” later, when I opened my closet, I still said, “Wow!” But that was because it was a nightmare. Honestly, if I could have cleaned it out myself, I would have. The job was just too big for me. What would I do with all the stuff? When I called you, I was desperate. Then, as we went to work, I was grateful. You knew what to do with everything. Or rather, you knew how to help me decide what to do with everything. Well, it’s been two months since you left and I’m writing to report that I’ve been using the tips you taught me to stay organized. My closet looks (almost) as good as the day you left. I can’t thank you enough. Lisa G, Rochester, NY, P.S. Organizing the top of my dresser was a bonus I especially appreciated. It got me to organize my drawers a couple weeks later. Now my bedroom is my retreat from the world.

Lisa G, Rochester, NY

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