Lizette Perez

color consultant, home stager, interior redesigner

Lizette Perez
Hamilton, ON

"Design with Colours"

Staging allows the visual appeal of the home to be readily apparent to the buyer"

I'm a friendly person, working with people is my passion. Living in Hamilton City for almost ten years has given me an idea of how the market for the construction, re-modeling and sale of houses has gradually increased. A market where the staging process is also an essential part.
Some of my qualifications include Home Decorator, Staging and Bachellor Degree in Architecture.
Because of my experience I can confidently tell you that a house well staged will spend less time on the market and the owner will spend less personal time getting their home ready for sale.
And together I'm sure we can make this happen!


Statistics show that potential home buyers make their decision on whether to purchase a house within the first 30 seconds. Home on Display sets the stage for buyers to FALL IN LOVE.

Staging is the process of preparing a house for sale. As a professional in this field, my goal will be to create a living environment that is both visually and physically appealing to potential buyers.

Essentially, you want to present a home in the best possible light so buyers will notice all the positive characteristics the property has to offer.

Buyers must be able to picture themselves living in your home. Home Staging enables the buyer to visualize this picture clearly. The result is that your house will SELL FASTER and for THE BEST PRICE.

Our Service include:

Occupied home staging

Vacant home staging

New home redesign

Interior redesign

Color consultation

Professional organizing


Lizette is a very motivated person in everything she does, and always brings great ideas to the table. She also listened to the ideas I had and was able to incorporate the visions I had into reality. She was organized by having a budget set right away and was a pleasure to work with!

Jorge Rodriguez

I love the way my living room looked after all the suggestful renovations were finished. The overall appearance of my new living room, with the new tiled floor and the addition of the closet was exquisit. Lizette was very on point and was always very motivated and eager to do the job well. Nothing but great results!.

Tania de Luca